(título da coluna original da Folha da Tarde - 1985)

08 abril 2010

                                            Latino power

                 Give it up, Chuck boy, your beloved United States of America is going brown, amigo, in a few years you won´t be understood if you insist speaking  only good old fashioned English. Colocquial cuban-mexican Spanish or else!
                 And don´t you dare to give me that crusty and repulsive speech of white supremacy, for the currents and tides of history change fast, boundaries are erased overnight,  and all you can do is to ajust to the new times. Or move to someplace far away.
                So, buddy, if you wanna stay home, chewing burguers and fried and sipping Budweiser, better learn more about latino culture and a little bit about tacos and tamales. !Que te vaya bien, cabrón!

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