(título da coluna original da Folha da Tarde - 1985)

17 junho 2011

                                                  Down memory lane

                 - Gee, Randall, I hate to see you feeling so miserable ´cause now you can´t eat your favourite salty dishes, heavy stuff like pork chops, crusty bacon slices, french fries, burguers soaked in ketchup and mustard, and tacos dripping hot mexican peppers.
                  Arteries get old and fragile too, you know, but life at this juncture is not all that bad as long as you take its cycles with fair play.
                  If it hurts, and it will hurt, go to the mall and get a bite of apple pie(easy there, buddy, too much sugar!) and try to fully remember those glorious and careless days of youth.
                They were very good, honey, sure enough, but would be much better enjoyed today when you are a wiser sufferer.

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